Croft103 by Mackays


As well as healthy seabird population the Durness & Sutherland area enjoys a healthy wildlife population for everyone to experience and enjoy, often for the first time.


Watch for the eagle overhead the deer on the hill and listen for the haunting of the Greenshank. A famous seabird population on Handa Island deserves a day trip, as it is one of the most important seabird breeding colonies in the UK.

Corncrakes are effectively breeding in the area, once common and recently almost extinct it can often be heard- identified by its repeated rasping calls.

Prepare for the memorable sight of leaping dolphins or graceful whales, which frequent local bays daily during the summer months. Share the sad weary gaze of resting seals as you explore the magnificent landscape.

Rare wild flowers are found in abundance and many locations are protected by SSSI status.