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Durness & Sutherland

Durness & Laid are now one of the few remaining places of any size in mainland Scotland that you can only access by single track road. The splendour of the area is expressed in its extended horizons, in certain parts a view of over thirty kilometres is not uncommon.

The north west coast line around Durness & Laid is formed of precipitous cliffs and sandy beaches. A crofting village spread out along the coast, Durness is basically a string of hamlets. The crofts with houses and strips of land lying out behind towards the coast on limestone rocks giving rise to good pasture land.

The name Durness could be from the Norse Drya-ness meaning Deer Cape or Deer point and is often referred to as an oasis in a barren land, the last resort or the last outpost. It stands slightly proud from the sea with sandy beaches and rocky coves.


Durness lies on the north coast in the wild, remote and beautiful expanse of Cape Wrath. It is the most north westerly inhabited locality of mainland Britain. Magnificent mountains, stunning seascapes, beautiful beaches and friendly people make a slower and more traditional pace of life, subject since early time to a great many influences and strong contrasts. For its size the parish is an active community with a high degree of participation in social and political activities.

Isolated, blissfully peaceful there is an abundance to do & see!

The scenery around Durness is magnificent and for those accustomed to city dwelling the sheer scale of the landscape is awe inspiring, undoubtedly one of the most beautiful areas of Europe with sparkling rivers, scattered lochs, shimmering beaches, rugged mountains and vast expanses of open moorland.

Visitors to Durness & Sutherland will find peace and quietness, an absolute abundance of wildlife, clean, uncrowded beaches, some of the world’s best fishing and space in which to enjoy the clear invigorating air.

Walking is the main activity – low and high level walks are abundant. Croft 103 is fully equipped with local maps and walking networks; our local knowledge often proves very useful and we are always delighted to help, so please do ask.

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