Croft103 by Mackays

Water Sports

North West Sutherland’s extensive uncrowded coast is a bonanza to those who know that cool water is no deterrent to surf travel. There are many local beaches and sandy bays to choose from, all are free from the pollution, which taints so many other shores.  

We are fully equipped to cater for surfers, and provide drying room with dehumidifier, outside line drying, etc. – we can also arrange for board & equipment hire through Surf Wrath.


Body boarding is very popular locally especially during our winter months.  Local people from 6 years to 60+ years get involved.

SCUBA Diving

Durness and surrounding area are a well-kept secret that few divers have fully appreciated – there are numerous dive sites which offer comprehensive diving, the water visibility is excellent and there is plenty to see and catch!!  Once you have experience diving in the untouched water around the northwest coast you will definitely want to return.