Croft103 by Mackays

Concept of Design

Although the original idea was to build two properties of the same design, the stunning location highlighted the opportunity to create two different designs. The resulting buildings are like brothers: sharing the same genes and raw materials, yet with strikingly distinctive appearances.

Each dwelling is low energy, roofed with standing seam zinc and built into the sloping terrain of Croft 103 using a retaining wall of recycled tyre bales. High levels of insulation and robust detailing contribute to both properties being carbon negative; that is, they produce more energy than they actually use.

Concept of Design

Breathable and durable, each building uses natural materials with low embodied energy including Douglas fir, natural stone, sheep’s wool insulation and woodfibre sheathing on untreated softwood. As far as possible, materials used in construction have been sourced locally from woodlands, quarries and Croft 103 itself.

Renewable energy is sourced from solar gain and solar collectors, the high thermal mass of internal concrete flooring, an on-site 6kw wind turbine and mechanical ventilation heat recovery systems. By using a 93% efficient heat recovery system, each property is maintained at a stable temperature throughout the day and evening.